John Keese is a Web, UI, UX designer who lives in Dallas, TX.

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rewardStyle’s existing Publisher app needed some upgrades, and the Brands app needed making.

Comprehensive screens from the app are hidden behind a login screen. Sorry ;(

(Consultant) Enroll on the Go

Ambit Energy’s Consultant Enrollment process was in great need of a redesign. The previous version’s fixed width didn’t work in today’s responsive environment; branding was out of date; and the user experience was nothing to write home about.

Of note:
  • Mobile use already seen increasing
  • Site design and hand-coded, HTML/CSS/jQuery
  • Responsive Design
  • Developed with Angular JS
  • REST API integration

Launched June 2014

More Work

Dallas CASA Playhouse, 2013

2012 was the first year I led Ambit Energy’s effort to build a playhouse for Dallas CASA’s Parade of Playhouses. So for our 2013 sophomore effort we wanted to build on what we learned:

  • A playhouse built with children in mind, not to impress fellow designers
  • A playhouse open and available for active play
  • A playhouse with excellent curb mall appeal

Results were fantastic. Our playhouse was given prime location in the mall, received tons of compliments and notes, and, most importantly, raised thousands of dollars for Dallas CASA. Learn more about Dallas CASA at

Build space was generously donated by DSArts; built by Ambit Energy’s Creative Services and MarComm departments; design created and architected by John Keese; materials donated by Ambit Energy.

More Thoughts / Projects

About John Keese

Born and raised in Albuquerque, NM, John Keese traveled to Texas and attended The University of Texas at Dallas. While at UTD, Keese completed both his BFA and MFA in Arts and Technology.

Keese lists his priorities as being a follower of Christ, a loving husband, a devoted father and a valued team member. After that John likes to fill his time with soccer, snowboarding, rock climbing, making art, building things, joking around, trying to learn something new – all that good stuff.

If you’re ever in the Dallas area, contact John Keese and he’ll buy you a cup of coffee or show off his cute kids.

Keese is currently employed at Ambit Energy as Manager, Digital Marketing Team. He specializes in web and interactive design but collaborates in video and graphic design as needed. Keese continues to freelance and is always looking for new and challenging projects.


(Wow, it’s hard to write about yourself in third person…)


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