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I approach my work in the following manner, but appreciate forgiveness when I miss my goals as outlined below.

Be curious

I try to approach life, and thus work, with a constant state of curiosity. In a way, it’s great to keep a toddler’s perspective — asking a quizzical “Why?”. It’s humbling and freeing to know I don’t have all the answers, but I know how to ask the questions.

“Do everything in love”

I’m imperfect and fallible, but I can control my intentions. This mantra centers me on doing what’s best for those around me, and decisioning my actions foremost from love (instead of the competing ego, preference, ignorance).

Humble, with passion

To come from a place of curiosity and love, humility is a necessity. To me this does not equal a passive or lackadaisical attitude. I passionately hold informed opinions, ready to humbly invalidate them if alternative information is presented.


I appreciate and endorse discussion, fact-finding, brainstorming multiple routes, consensus-building, and testing, but in the end I’m naturally bent to take an action. Listen, consider, act, measure, and adjust — but don’t forget to act.


As a leader I believe we’re in a space of service — service to our teams, to our organisation, and to our community as a whole. I believe this service must extend beyond our corporate walls and to those in our cities and communities. Out of our gratitude a servant heart grows.

Enjoy what you do

Work should be fun, life should be fun. Humour is a uniting and powerful force (but it can’t be at others’ expense). I’m quick with self-deprecating jokes. I started balding at 18, I had no choice but to laugh it off!

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