Dallas CASA Playhouse, 2013

2012 was the first year I led Ambit Energy’s effort to build a playhouse for Dallas CASA’s Parade of Playhouses. So for our 2013 sophomore effort we wanted to build on what we learned:

  • A playhouse built with children in mind, not to impress fellow designers
  • A playhouse open and available for active play
  • A playhouse with excellent curb mall appeal

Results were fantastic. Our playhouse was given prime location in the mall, received tons of compliments and notes, and, most importantly, raised thousands of dollars for Dallas CASA. Learn more about Dallas CASA at dallascasa.org.

Build space was generously donated by DSArts; built by Ambit Energy’s Creative Services and MarComm departments; design created and architected by John Keese; materials donated by Ambit Energy.